Exploring FreshGrade

Hi all!
Welcome back to my blog. We’re going to be exploring the different tabs in FreshGrade today. To start off, go to the FreshGrade website.


Next step, click on “Log in” (top right hand corner), and click on the teacher log in option. You should be directed to a page which asks for your info. Once you’ve given your log in info, you should be on your version of this page!

Logged in.JPG

Lets go ahead and click on “Gradebook”

The gradebook is a section for you to add activities that you did with your classroom, and give a grade for each individual student. When this information is added, you can accompany the grade with a photo (there’s an online app for that!), and a note to the parent about progress if you choose to do so. In my practicum, I’ve uploaded students work through my sponsor’s gradebook. The moment you post it (after parents have been invited to the page), the parents will be notified and can see what you posted. It is important to only post pictures and grades for individual students. Parents can only see the information you add into their child’s name.


Learn all about it, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2mcPTGj-3g

Don’t forget to check out the Fresh Grade App!

One thought on “Exploring FreshGrade

  1. My teacher has been using Class Dojo, but from your posts Fresh Grade seems like it has some very similar features! I love how you have added visuals and broken down step by step how to use FreshGrade. I look forward to reading and learning more on how to use FreshGrade!!


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